Saturday, December 12, 2015

Zageron - Sofkutė brome (2013)

Zageron is a d-beat death metal band I stumbled across while digging through Lithuanian music for another blog I write for, Spacerockmountain. In the few years I've been writing for that blog (which is also primarily a "best of bandcamp" blog for garage, psych, and experimental music), one thing I noticed right away is how many metal and hardcore bands there are, pretty much all over the world.

"If the world of music was a habitat, metal/hardcore bands are like an invasive species" was what I found myself thinking. Search any location-based bandcamp tag and you'll find, from London to Mexico City, and from Tokyo to Sao Paulo, there are an incredibly large number of bands playing it slow and dark or fast and vicious.

Normally I would have breezed by Zageron on a search for something more for the Spacerockmountain audience, but I was immediately grabbed by their sound. For the past couple years now, walking around Portland with my mp3s shuffling, between the beautifully orchestral rnb of Laura Mvula or tracks from the newest Blonde Redhead, I would get these small doses of brutal rhythm and evil growling from Sofkutė brome, a "name your price" release from this mysterious band from Vilnius, Lithaunia.

I was hooked, and have since begun an inspired exploration into bandcamp bands releasing anything hardcore, grindcore, d-beat, crust punk, black metal, and death metal. I don't even fully understand what the parameters are for these genres, but this is all part of point of this blog.. which no one will ever read. Oh well.

Follow the link to their bandcamp page. 10 songs for download!

Zageron - Sofkutė brome

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